Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

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Happy Tuesday! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a little bit; I got caught up in my Thanksgiving break and found myself either busy with house stuff, hanging with my family, or being lazy and binging Hallmark. Either way, I wasn’t on my laptop much. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and got to at least speak or facetime with your family, if not see them.

Me and Landon on Thanksgiving
My sister and I on Thanksgiving
Me and Ellee

Today was my second day back at work since the Thanksgiving break, and I’m already counting down the days until Christmas break. I get so spoiled, sleeping in and staying in my pj’s until lunchtime, that when it’s time to go back to work, I struggle! I think someone should combine the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, and we all have a month-long break from work, kind of like summer break. Okay, I need someone to make this happen and get it put into place so that next year, we will be good; Oh, but make sure this is a paid break; we will need money, of course!

Let’s talk about the big letdown this year—BLACK FRIDAY! I don’t know about y’all, but I thought it was a big flop. I was so disappointed! I went with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law, and we decided to go to Walmart first. We were there around 6 AM, and when we pulled into the parking lot, I knew things were different. The parking lot was partially empty. It looked like a less-than-normal day at Walmart. I’m used to the parking lot being so full you have to park at the Burkes or Cato’s in the shopping center and walk to Walmart. I was in shock.

Well, we get inside, and everyone is calmly walking around shopping like it’s a typical Friday, and nothing grand is happening. We ended up spending an hour there trying to make sure we didn’t miss the “big” sale item that should be there, but we didn’t find anything that came close to appealing to our wallets. We left there and headed to Gaffney to the Yellow Mall; once again, the parking lot was very vacant. I have NEVER been to the Yellow Mall on Black Friday when there wasn’t a ton of people there. I felt like we were in an episode of the Walking Dead and were a few of the remaining survivors looking for supplies. It was unreal. The sales were okay, but nothing to jump up and down about. I was so thankful I had done a lot of my shopping online the night before. Bath and Body Works and the Nike Outlet was about the only place I saw a crowd at the whole mall. After walking around and not seeing much sales, we decided to go to Greenville, to the mall there. That was the only place that looked like a typical Black Friday to me.

I suppose most people shopped online and purchased their stuff from the comfort and safety of their homes, but I needed to feel the normalcy of Black Friday, and it just didn’t happen for me. I can only hope and pray that Christmas will feel somewhat ordinary, but I imagine it will be just like Thanksgiving.

Please don’t think I take COVID lightly because I don’t, and I know we need to be as cautious as we can be, but I feel like, at some point, we must go back to our ordinary lives. That’s just my thoughts on it, and I pray that 2021 will bring the normalcy that we all need to feel. I will end on that note. I hope y’all have a great night!

Much love,

My dog, Lady on Thanksgiving Day
My husband and son on Thanksgiving

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