This One’s for the Girls

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Ladies, this one is for y’all, so if you are a guy and you’ve read this far–ha! Who am I kidding? Guy’s don’t read anything. Anywho back to what I was saying– are y’all sick of cleaning the house as much as I am? I feel like it is never-ending. I spent most of Friday cleaning the entire house. I wiped down everything in the kitchen, cleaned the bathrooms, swept and mopped the floors, vacuumed, and dusted all the furniture. The house was clean and shiny, and the aroma of bleach and lemons filled the air, but by Sunday, it was messy again.

I feel like my life revolves around working, cleaning the house, and doing laundry. When does this ride end, asking for a friend but seriously, I would love to know how y’all deal? When I come home from work every day and see little messes all over the house and the grime on the floors, I want to turn around, walk out and drive to another home (preferably the Ritz-Carlton).

I have read those sweet and encouraging articles about breaking the cleaning up and doing it over some time; that way, you don’t feel so overwhelmed. However, I don’t want to do that either. At this point in my life, a maid and chef sound pretty awesome; too bad my budget won’t cover one. Usually, my house cleaning (other than keeping everything picked up); is put off to the weekend, and I spend one of my days off cleaning up the wreckage from the days before.

I feel like guys have it made. They use the whole “yard work” junk to guilt us into cleaning the house, but when you think about it, we are getting the crap end of the deal. It takes a few hours to mow grass, weed eat, and do whatever else they do, but our house cleaning job is never-ending. Someone, please explain how this is fair. Also, how come when they get a day off work, they use it to relax and unwind, but when we get a day off, we have to go to the grocery store, run errands, and clean the house. Oh my, I just opened a new set of problems.

Ladies, I say we go on strike and let these men see how much “house cleaning” we have to do. Maybe then they’ll stop their, “I do the yard work” bologna and pick up a broom occasionally. If you are one of those fortunate ladies who has a man that cleans the house, cooks, does laundry, and the yard work. Well, you just better count your blessings and give us tips and tricks on how you created this man. Ha-ha! I’m picking. Anyhow, I’ll stop my ranting and raving for now. I think I’ll end this Monday sitting and watching some tv and enjoying the view of my kids destroying all my hard work.

I seriously would love to hear what y’all do to keep a clean house, work full time, and run a household without losing your mind! Fill us in on your tips and tricks, and MAYBE I’ll try them.

Much love,

Published by clovelace021

I’m a 33 year old wife and mother of 3. I’m an Insurance Coordinator at a dental office, but my dream job is a Crime Scene Investigator. I love anything crime related! I love my family and my fur babies and anything I get to do with them.

8 thoughts on “This One’s for the Girls

  1. That reminds me of a movie I watched a while back of ladies that went on strike pitching up tents in front of one of their houses refusing to come back in. Mom’s On Strike was a good movie. Here is a blog I read as well
    Last but not least when I was in my late 20’s, early 30’s I got sick and tired of what mothers all over the world get sick of doing everything mostly the dishes while my kids and husband did hardly anything. I packed up all my dishes putting them on the curbside. The result was hilarious when I had replaced everything with paper or plastic.
    You’re not alone; the moral to this story is take some time all for you.

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