Camp Life

Our camper
My sweet babies

Happy Saturday, friends! I am sitting outside under an awning with the breeze blowing and the view of campers all around me. We are camping this weekend in Asheboro, NC. It is our third camping trip since we bought our first camper, and it gets better and better. I love how it takes us away from the real world and gets us close to nature for a few days. We are only a couple of hours from home, but it feels like we are a million miles away from real life like school, work, etc. That is what I love about camping.

Campground beauty

So far, the weather has been good. We may get some rain tomorrow, but for now, we will enjoy the sunshine and 75-degree weather. This morning we did a walk around the campground, checking out sites and stuff to get into later. The kids did the jumpy pillow and played on the playground, and then we took a nature walk down by the creek. It was beautiful. I kept saying, oh my gosh, this is so pretty! I love this time of year. The leaves are changing, and God shows his fine artwork.

A pretty sight from our walk

This evening the kids will get dressed up and do some trick-or-treating around the campground, and they have a hayride and haunted house we will check out too. It sounds like a perfect Saturday to me. Tomorrow we plan to go to the Zoo for Boo at the Zoo. Hopefully, my kids will rack up on enough candy to not have to do much trick-or-treating next weekend. I am not sure our town will do much trick-or-treating with covid going on.

Well, friends, I am about to grab a snack and enjoy some quality family time. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

My family minus one dog

P.S. Life is short; enjoy your family while you can.

Much love,


Lady loves the camp life

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