Denying Christ

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I had a discussion with my mom this past weekend about “denying Christ.” I thought the only way you could deny Christ was if someone asked if you believed in Jesus, God, or Heaven, and you say no. I did not realize there was another form of denying Christ, but there is.

After the discussion with my mom, I decided to do a little searching and investigating to find out what else was a form of denying Christ. I found this article that asked the question, To Deny Christ- What Does It Mean? I thought yes; this is the exact question I was asking. After doing some reading, I found my answer. It said: the way most often used to deny Christ is to profess Christianity, then fail to live up to it. Wow!! That hit me hard. I have been in church my whole life and, I have never (that I can recall) heard anyone say that you deny Christ when you claim to be a Christian but do not act the part.

I don’t know about ya’ll but, I felt some conviction on that one. How many times do we walk around talking about God or go to church and mimic the moves of a Christian, but when it comes down to it, we don’t live up to the Christian standards. I’ll be the first to admit I am guilty.

As Christians, we are to aim to be Christ-like in every area of our life. Jesus loves and forgives. He’s honest and compassionate. If we aren’t living up to those same standards of Godliness, then the power of the Holy Spirit is denied in our lives. And as the article says, “to deny the power of the Holy Spirit is to deny Christ.”

After I read this article, I did some thinking and praying. If I claim to be a Christian, I want to act like a Christian and allow the Holy Spirit to take over my life. I want to love as Jesus loves, forgive like Jesus forgives, and walk as Jesus walked upon this earth. I pray each one of you will search your heart and ask yourself, are you denying Christ?

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The article I got my information from was: “To Deny Christ – What Does It Mean?” Bethel Church of God.

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