Rainy Day

View from my porch

Happy Saturday, friends! It’s a rainy, dreary morning in my neck of the woods. The weatherman says we will likely have rain all weekend due to Hurricane Delta passing by. Usually, I would be irritated at the sound of rain all weekend, but I’m kind of relieved. It’s been a long week of working and running a household, and the rain gives me an excuse to be restful.

I live out in the country where the chickens roam the neighborhood, you can smell someone burning something most of the time, and it’s peaceful. This morning I decided to sit out on my porch swing and take in the sounds. It’s so magical. I can hear the dripping of the rain on the leaves, birds chirping, a rooster crowing in the distance, and occasionally the sound of a passing car. It’s a perfect morning to relax and unwind.

Taking time for myself is key to my health. All week long, I am rushing, rushing, rushing, but on the weekends at least one of the days, I try to take some time for me. I need that time to clear my mind, let go of stress, and get mentally ready for the next week. My kids need it to; I can be a better mom when I take breaks.

Some ways I like to relax and unwind are:

  • Sit outside alone and clear my mind
  • Take a long hot bath
  • Read a book
  • Listen to some music
  • Take a drive down some back roads

I challenge each one of you to do something for yourself next week. I promise you will feel so much better and will get more accomplished after your mental break. Sit outside and listen to nature, go to the mall alone, do crosswords or puzzles, whatever you enjoy that clears your mind.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

Much love,


Another view from my porch

Published by clovelace021

I’m a 33 year old wife and mother of 3. I’m an Insurance Coordinator at a dental office, but my dream job is a Crime Scene Investigator. I love anything crime related! I love my family and my fur babies and anything I get to do with them.

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