Half Marathon

Me and Emily at our first 10k

October is one of my favorite months of the year because I love Halloween! I also love the fact that during this month, the leaves start becoming multi-colored, and everything looks magical.

This October is exciting for me because this Saturday (yes, in two days), I will be running my very first half marathon. I am very nervous and feel like I’m not as prepared as I should be, but I am ready to check this off my bucket list.

I will be running with my best friend, Emily. We ran our first 10k last year and immediately decided to try the half marathon. Well, COVID happened, and the race was moved from April to October.

During this time, quarantine laziness kicked in, and we figured our marathon would be canceled or changed to a virtual run; we didn’t train as much as we should have, but here we are, two days away, and the race is still on.

I can’t lie; I am scared I’m going to fall out half-way through the run, but I keep reminding myself, “I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.”

I would love to hear from all the runners. What are your go-to tips and tricks for half marathons and marathons?

Much love,

Last year at the Pumpkin Run

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I’m a 33 year old wife and mother of 3. I’m an Insurance Coordinator at a dental office, but my dream job is a Crime Scene Investigator. I love anything crime related! I love my family and my fur babies and anything I get to do with them.

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